The Arts1 Dance competition is just around the corner with the final taking place next month.  There is still plenty of time for our students to enter the competition, please take a look here for all the details, including the prizes that can be won.

During last months classes all of our dance teachers took time in their lessons to discuss and help students create choreography and we are so excited to see these entires.

If your child is keen to enter the competition here are some top tips which will help begin the choreography process to create a dance.  In our youngest category, students are allowed to enter the competition with a dance or sequence they have been taught in class.

Choreography- Top Tips
Where do I begin?

* LISTEN and explore different types of music – listen to lots of pieces of music and choose a piece which makes you want to move and dance.

* IMPROVISE – play music and improvise, you will realise you are dancing and creating without even thinking. Try to remember the sequences you did, or perhaps record yourself improvising, you can then look back and pick bits out that you like.

* VOCABULARY – use the vocabulary of steps you are always learning in class, take a few steps which you like and try piecing them together in different orders.

* LEVELS – add different levels to your dance, question yourself, have you used the floor, your knees, standing, jumping…?

* DIRECTIONS AND PATTERNS – what different direction and patterns can you create?

* INSPIRATION – use social media to inspire you, watch some of your favourite dancers or dance pieces, this will help spark new ideas.

We would love to see as many of our dance students as possible take part in this competition, it is always great to challenge yourself and create something new.

Good Luck!
Miss Sam