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Arts1 was founded in 2006 by Principal Rebecca Carrington and Creative Director James Grimsey. Our award winning school is proud to be founded in Milton Keynes and our wonderful team of specialist teachers and coaches nurture the talents of over 500 young people and adults each week.


We have an incredible range of part-time classes for children, young people and adults that take place on weekdays after school and at the weekend.

Evening & Weekends

Take a look at our range of Performing Arts classes in Milton Keynes for young people and adults. Lessons for children and young performers aged 3 – 21.


Individual Coaching

About Us

One dream - One goal - One vision

Led by Principal and co-founder Rebecca Carrington and internationally recognised Estill voice coach James Grimsey, the team combine their experience from working within leading institutions and drama schools with their vision for excellence. The school is set apart by its caring approach, to developing the region's top talent and was the winner of the BTEC Showstopper Awards in 2018.

Arts1 School of Performance: About Arts1


Arts1 School of Performance: About Us
Arts1 School of Performance: Arts1 Accreditation: Estill Voice Training
Arts1 School of Performance: Arts1 Accreditation: The British Voice Association
Arts1 School of Performance: Arts1 Accreditation: Royal Academy of Dance
Arts1 School of Performance: Arts1 Accreditation: Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)
Arts1 School of Performance: Arts1 Accreditation: LAMDA
Arts1 School of Performance: Arts1 Accreditation: ABRSM
Arts1 School of Performance: Julie D. Testimonial

Julie D.


I just wanted to congratulate you and all your team on what I can describe as a truly breathtaking, spectacular show. Over the years I’ve been involved in and seen not only many school shows, but also professional productions and Arts1 blew me away yesterday. Up there with some of the best. Honestly! The standard was outstanding. I hope I don’t seem like an annoying old parent but I’m just very impressed with you and all your team. I am so happy we found Arts1 and so proud that Molly is involved and part of such an amazing company. Well done!!

Arts1 School of Performance: Julie S. Testimonial

Julie S.


Congratulations on a truly fantastic show. I was blown away by the talented pupils, the staging and music. It really was a treat for all the senses.

I also wanted to pass on my personal thanks to all the chaperones and helpers who took such good care of the children and made it such a happy experience for them.

Arts1 School of Performance: Libby Hewett Testimonial

Libby Hewett

1st Year Student

I can’t speak highly enough about the teaching you get at the sixth form. They know what’s right for each individual person and somehow manage to help and improve each and every one of us. I don’t know of another place which has such amazing teachers who you can get along with and can push you above and beyond the own boundaries that you set for yourself. They give you the tough love you need to break down your own walls and achieve so much more.

Arts1 School of Performance: Charlie Woolford Testimonial

Charlie Woolford

1st year Student

The course assures no student is left behind and they are all treated equally and fairly. You learn things that you never would’ve thought you could, you think in new ways that open your eyes to different paths and ideas. The people that attend the course and fun, supportive and hard working and everyone pulls their own weight and they have to be up to the challenge for a very tough but extremely rewarding experience. It has so far been the best experience of my life.

Arts1 School of Performance: Cheering on Rebecca and James from Arts1

Cheering on Rebecca and James from Arts1

October 18, 2019

Rebecca and James use their own expertise in performing arts to champion children and young people. They are endlessly encouraging and their school has expanded from 1 class per week to a full time studio with over 30 members of staff. Find out what it's like to be in charge of Arts1 and why they are passionate about what training can do for people.