Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Arts1 provides a specialist programme of Musical Theatre classes for young people aged between 4 - 16 years. These classes have evolved under the leadership of James Grimsey and Sophie Watts and are structured to provide students with a high level experience of Musical Theatre Performance. Arts1 students are encouraged to develop into all round performers and this class is where they bring together the three core disciplines of Singing, Dance and Acting as they work on pieces from Broadway and West-End shows alongside solo acting through song performances, perfect for perfecting their audition technique.

We have 9 classes of Musical Theatre for students aged 4 – 16. As students develop skills and increase in confidence they progress through the school until reaching level 9 where they will be working at the highest pre-vocational level and demonstrating the full range of Musical Theatre skills. All students study both group and solo work, they are taught how to use their voices and bodies for Musical Theatre, singing songs and performing sequences from both classic and modern shows.

Arts1 School of Performance: Musical Theatre
Arts1 School of Performance: Musical Theatre
Arts1 School of Performance: Musical Theatre
Arts1 School of Performance: Sam Ferguson Testimonial

Sam Ferguson


Arts1 is a school like no other performance school. From the moment our daughter first joined just over a year ago she has had an amazing time. Not just enjoying every class she has attended she’s also grown in confidence, ability and presence. James and Rebecca are the most inspiring people along too with the rest of the team. They have an ability to make everything fun and in return the kids get so much back.

Arts1 School of Performance: Ella Testimonial



I love Musical Theatre so much, it’s my favourite class out of everything I do at Arts1. The teachers are so nice and really encouraging and they push you to get you to the next level. Musical Theatre has really helped me to grow in confidence, I was shy when I sang but now I’m not afraid to make a mistake, you just learn from them. I find Musical Theatre an almost 3 in 1 class, you have; acting, singing and dance all put together. We used to have to do solos and I was terrified! But the teachers gave me constructive feedback, and as a performer I feel stronger and more active on stage. You get to do lots of different styles of dance and have fun too and after you finish a piece, the parents can come and watch and see the progress you have made. I have been doing Musical Theatre since I was a little girl and I love the variety of the class and together it creates AMAZING results and awesome performances.


Our Musical Theatre Team

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