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Take a look at our range of Performing Arts classes in Milton Keynes for young people and adults. Lessons for children and young performers aged 3 – 21.

Dance Classes

Check out our range of Dance Classes in Milton Keynes, from Ballet, Modern and Tap to Street Dance and Contemporary. Arts1 School of Performance has a wide range of professional dance classes, whether you are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, you will love learning to dance at Arts1 in Milton Keynes.

Arts1 School of Performance: Dance To Your Own Tune

Dance To Your Own Tune

Movement, Music, and Magic for Children Aged 3-4 Years.

Arts1 School of Performance: Springboard Dance

Springboard Dance

Springboard is a class designed for students who are coming back to dance after a break or are new to dance. These classes are technique based to reaffirm your knowledge...

Arts1 School of Performance: Stage Acrobatics

Stage Acrobatics

Do you want to learn to cartwheel, somersault, perform lifts and tricks for the stage? Our Stage Acrobatics classes for young performers aged 8 and upwards teaches students to build...

Arts1 School of Performance: Commercial Dance

Commercial Dance

Commercial is dance style takes from many other dance disciples (such as jazz, street, modern and hip hop) and is a combination of self expression, energy and performance.

Arts1 School of Performance: Street Dance

Street Dance

Street dance is a popular high energy form of dance based on a wide range of different urban styles.

Arts1 School of Performance: Jazz


Jazz dance integrates several genres of performance and is an excellent class for those wanting to develop dance performance and technique.

Arts1 School of Performance: Tap Dance

Tap Dance

Do you want to learn how to tap dance? Young people and adults can develop their dance ability in this essential dance style for the stage.

Arts1 School of Performance: Modern Theatre Dance

Modern Theatre Dance

Kick, pirouette and leap through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing’s Modern theatre dance syllabus to develop the essential dance skills for the stage.

Arts1 School of Performance: Ballet


Do you love dancing? Do you want to learn classical Ballet whilst studying the worlds leading exam syllabus? Boys and girls at Arts1 in Milton Keynes can train in Ballet...

Arts1 School of Performance: Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is the ‘modern art’ of the dance world. It was initially a reaction to the highly stylised nature of ballet, so where ballet features a lot of symmetry, balancing...

Musical Theatre

Arts1 Musical Theatre classes provide opportunities for young people to learn from the very best teachers in the industry and develop a range of skills in singing, dancing and acting whilst taking part in friendly and energetic classes.

Arts1 School of Performance: Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Arts1 Musical Theatre classes provide opportunities for young people to learn from the very best teachers in the industry and develop a range of skills in singing, dancing and acting...


Through a fun and focused programme of acting classes, you will learn how to communicate text to your audience and exercises to help you take the next step in your acting.

Arts1 School of Performance: Acting


The Acting programme at Arts1 has been developed to provide a training ground for young actors developing the range of performance skills a professional actor requires. The classes are in...


Do you want to improve your singing voice? Do you want to learn from one of the UK’s leading voice coaches using the cutting edge Estill model that gives you the tools to unlock your vocal potential and learn how to sing like you never believed you could.

Arts1 School of Performance: Junior & Senior Choir

Junior & Senior Choir

No experience is required, just bring enthusiasm and a passion to sing! No audition, no age limit, just fun and a fantastic singing experience to look forward to each week.

Arts1 School of Performance: One-To-One Singing Lessons

One-To-One Singing Lessons

At Arts1 we have a team of vocal coaches and offer both 1-to-1 vocal coaching sessions and small group singing lessons for young people and adults. Our 1-to-1 singing lessons...


Learn to play the Piano or Guitar in Milton Keynes with a qualified and experienced teacher. Whether you want to learn to play for fun or study formal qualifications you will find our Milton Keynes based Piano and Guitar lessons help you or your child to achieve your musical goals.

Arts1 School of Performance: Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Learn to play the guitar in friendly and professional classes. Play for fun or work towards formal guitar grades. Learn to read guitar music, develop your guitar technique and performance....

Arts1 School of Performance: Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Learn to play the piano with a professional and experienced teacher. Suitable for both children and adults to develop your musical skills. Play for enjoyment or work towards nationally recognised...