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Arts1 provides full-time performing arts training for 16 – 18 year olds in Milton Keynes. Providing outstanding training in state-of-the-art facilities gives our students the best training ground to develop their skills and train their talents. Our teaching faculty has a reputation for training some of the UK’s leading talent and we are dedicated as a school to creating an international reputation for nurturing outstanding young performers and theatre professionals to the next step in their training.

Our full-time courses are the equivalent to 3 A Levels and are the most intensive funded courses in the region. Our school gives young people the ability to specialise in either Dance, Musical Theatre, Acting or Theatre Production – targeting each students training programme to the balance of skills they require to fulfil their potential in professional performance on or off the stage.

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Musical Theatre course

  • Preparation For Dance/Drama Schools And Universities
  • Triple threat training
  • Acting through song with an accompanist
  • Ability Streamed Dance Classes
  • Trips And Workshops
  • World Class Estill Voice Training

Dance course

  • Preparation For Dance College and Universities
  • Ability Streamed Dance Classes
  • Trips And Workshops
  • Creative Classes And Workshops
  • Acrobatic Arts – Tumbling And Gymnastics
  • Vocal Training Programme For Dancers

The Student Experience - Libby Hewett

Arts1 is somewhere were you can build and nurture your dramatic talent. It’s somewhere where you can be yourself, a safe environment where you can see continuous progress in yourself and others. I’ve had so many great experiences along the way such as performing at MOVE IT, creating our piece for the national theatre connections which goes alongside getting the chance to perform at the Royal and derogate in Northampton. Not only that but I’ve had the chance to watch some amazing theatre and visit places where I want to move onto next such as Urinetown at Arts Ed. Furthermore I’ve met some amazing people who are in the industry which has helped me to start building my connections and giving me a better idea about the different pathways I can take.

The Sixth Form has also given me a sense of reality, of what’s realistic for me. I have a thicker skin and know what pathways are open and right for me. Although I’m achieving my dreams and continuing on with my passions I’m now realistic and open to what my options are. Finally I can’t speak highly enough about the teaching you get at the sixth form. They know what’s right for each individual person and somehow manage to help and improve each and every one of us. I don’t know of another place which has such amazing teachers who you can get along with and can push you above and beyond the own boundaries that you set for yourself. They give you the tough love you need to break down your own walls and achieve so much more.

I’m loving my time at arts1 and things are only getting better. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish next and where this can now take me. It’s helping me to become a better person and performer whilst making me resilient, competent and a hard yet smart worker.

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