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Arts1 was founded in 2006 by Principal Rebecca Carrington and Creative Director James Grimsey. Our award winning school is proud to be founded in Milton Keynes and our wonderful team of specialist teachers and coaches nurture the talents of over 500 young people and adults each week.


We have an incredible range of part-time classes for children, young people and adults that take place on weekdays after school and at the weekend.

Evening & Weekends

Take a look at our range of Performing Arts classes in Milton Keynes for young people and adults. Lessons for children and young performers aged 3 – 21.


Individual Coaching

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is the ‘modern art’ of the dance world. It was initially a reaction to the highly stylised nature of ballet, so where ballet features a lot of symmetry, balancing and light, upward movements, contemporary has a tendency towards the opposite such as asymmetric, falling with momentum and grounded or floor-based movements.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is an expressive style of dance that lends itself to theatrical performance. Originally drawing on elements of Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance, Contemporary dance has incorporated aspects of many styles and techniques including Graham, Release and Cunningham have emerged. The style encourages dancers to make connections between mind and body working to build awareness of the space around the body and, in particular, the sensations within. Dancers are encouraged to explore how to use the body in different ways using improvisation, preparing them for the for working outside the specific practices to create new and exciting movement language.


Classes at Arts1 focus on developing Contemporary techniques; with an emphasis on Release technique and incorporating elements of Cunningham, Graham and Contact Improvisation. Participants will build a foundation that incorporates technique from their other classes, providing a way into somatic exploration and an ability to improvise in response to music, visual art, language and thematic stimulus.

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Arts1 School of Performance: Contemporary Dance
Arts1 School of Performance: Contemporary Dance

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