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Stage Acrobatics

Do you want to learn to cartwheel, somersault, perform lifts and tricks for the stage? Our Stage Acrobatics classes for young performers aged 8 and upwards teaches students to build strength, improve co-ordination and increase flexibility whilst learning how to perform exciting and impressive stage tricks!

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Stage Acrobatics classes at Arts1 are a fun and active introduction into basic gymnastic skills and how to take them onto the stage. The class is targeted at students with dance ability in order to enhance their performance skills and sessions are run by our experienced Acrobatic Arts qualified instructor.

Whether you are a beginner or an improver in acrobatics, this class will stretch your skills and build on existing technique.

Students have the privilege of working with Acropad in their classes which provides a safe and secure training environment in which students can feel confident to try new things and continue to develop their discipline.

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Arts1 School of Performance: Stage Acrobatics

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