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Street Dance

Street dance is a popular high energy form of dance based on a wide range of different urban styles.

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Originally created on the streets of Manhattan and The Bronx, Street dancing styles are wide ranging and include the following foundational styles: Hip Hop, Popping and Locking, Breaking, Krump, Whacking and Waving. Arts1 has a wide range of Street Dance classes for young people and adults in Milton Keynes that are suitable for all ages and experiences.

Arts1 Street Dance classes on Saturday mornings, we work on individuality, presentation and performance. Classes focus on the foundations of each street style, inspiring young people and adults to achieve their full potential in this popular style of dance. Street Dance is great for confidence building and making friends whilst dancing to your favourite tunes. Anyone can learn to street dance, take part in an inspirational and challenging street dance class and we will show you how! Learn to Street Dance in Milton Keynes by attending regular dance classes to develop your dance ability and style. Street Dancing classes give you the confidence to take to the floor and bust some moves by learning step by step how to look on point. Milton Keynes funkiest Street Dance class.

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