Junior Choir

Junior Choir

If you love to sing, then Junior Choir is a fantastic first step in developing your skills as an ensemble singer. You will learn the basics of singing in harmony and counterpart and will learn to create different vocal qualities to make a seamless and blended sound with the group. There are also opportunities for you to enhance your skills in solo singing as well as ensemble. Junior Choir is a high energy and fun class where above all we have a great time whilst learning lots of different music from the musical theatre and pop repertoires and hope to build each student’s confidence through singing and performing. We always work with sheet music in Junior Choir which means you will also learn some basic music theory and your musicianship skills will improve at a very fast pace.

If you love to perform then Junior Choir has plenty of opportunities for you to do so taking part annually in the Arts1 Christmas Concert, Arts1 Singers in Concert Summer Performance and Milton Keynes Music Festival.

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I am a member of the Arts1 Adult Musical Theatre Choir. From the first day I attended, I was completely impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm of James Grimsey, the Musical Director. From then on, my enjoyment of all aspects of our weekly choir practice has grown and grown. As an individual and as a group, we have been expertly taught and encouraged and have improved beyond anything I could have imagined… I can’t think now what life was like without choir.

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