Do you struggle with Maths? Are you concerned about getting the grade to progress onto Sixth Form at Arts1 or elsewhere? Do you think your current plan isn't working?

We are so pleased to announce our tutorial sessions to support our students in their GCSE Maths. For a long time we have worked with students struggling with this particular subject and although there are those obvious links to the creative world, for our actors, singers and dancers achieving the GCSE at C or above is a requirement for all Schools and Colleges.

Once we had identified this particular challenge, we looked at all of the high level skills that many of our students demonstrated that involved Maths. Counting rhythm in Music and Dance, mastering Shakespeare’s meter, intervals and harmony, formations, patterns and sequences. Everyday Maths surrounds us at Arts1 and we believe that the challenge many students face is that of environment, confidence and inspiration.

Our weekly sessions are limited to 6 students in a group, there is a lot of individual attention and we are able to target each students bright spots (good stuff!) and improvement areas. Our students work with our incredible Maths Tutor – Helen Westwood. Helen has worked with us for almost a year and is the driving force of our provision.

Session 1
Year 10 students
Tuesday – 8pm – 9pm
Maximum 6 students £10
Working towards the new Summer 2017 syllabus.
Additional support to pass to maximise your opportunity to pass first time around.

Session 2
year 11 – 13 students
Tuesday – 7pm – 8pm
Maximum 6 students £10
Additional support for those students preparing to take the Maths exam first time around or as a re-take

To find out about the Maths sessions and register your interest contact

Meet The Team - Helen WestwoodMeet our Maths guru Helen Westwood

Helen’s Vision

The Maths sessions offered at Arts1 are focused on supporting student’s progress towards achieving their individual targets regarding their Maths work. This could be the achievement of a certain grade in the GCSE exams (either in the first instance or as part as a resit opportunity) or to increase their confidence and motivation in the subject.

Each session has a specific focus where the key information is discussed and built on with students ultimately working towards being able to solve complex problems from a range of topics. Misconceptions and problem areas are regularly explored and areas that have been found difficult in individual topics are addressed, going off at a tangent when necessary.

A range of paper based and electronic resources are used in sessions, these include course specific texts and practice materials. Arts1 is also an approved centre for the use of Hegarty Maths – a new online resource and technology such as Qwizdom handsets are also used to enhance the student experience & to reinforce topics in a different way.

As the time for sitting formal exams approaches, past exam papers are also regularly used to help students to prepare for the exam process and to enable them to have the best possible chance to achieve their target grade.

Helen’s Experience

Initially after graduating from Aston University, I spent two years working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Tax Consultant in Cambridge.

However, having volunteered in Maths lessons during my time in Sixth Form, I soon decided that the corporate world was not for me and I started working at a large secondary school in Northampton, where I trained as a Maths Teacher, under the new Graduate Teacher Programme.

After my first year, where I qualified as a teacher while teaching a 50% timetable, I was promoted to the role of Numeracy Coordinator and during my time at that school I taught a range of classes from Years 7 to 13. I also had responsibility for launching and delivering a brand new Financial Capability A’level. I have also held the position of eLearning Coordinator and Head of Key Stage 3 Maths where I was responsible for the progress of students in Maths during Years 7 to 9.

In addition to my classroom role, I have also worked on a number of whole school projects as an Assistant World Challenge Leader on expeditions to China, New Zealand and Venezuela (which included assisting in approximately two years of fundraising prior to each trip).

Having taught for 5 years, I then moved to teach at another secondary school in Northamptonshire where I have taught Maths and Financial Studies ever since. I have worked with students with a range of additional needs and I have also held a number of examiner positions in addition of my teaching role – I have been an examiner for AQA GCSE Maths and I am currently an examiner and team leader for ifs University College for their GCSE and A’level equivalent qualifications.

I believe that Maths is a vital subject and one that anyone can be successful in, given the right support and with the right determination. I thoroughly enjoy working with my students, helping them to understand and develop their mathematical knowledge and ultimately achieve the targets they have for their Maths work

To find out about the Maths sessions and register your interest contact