COVID-19 Hub

How we are keeping you safe

What is different this year at Arts1 to keep you safe?

01. One Way System

We have a one way system in our main building for our group classes – entering through the fire exits and leaving through the foyer. 1to1 students should enter through the foyer and start & finish times are staggered to avoid congestion.

02. Student Waiting Zones

Students at The Space wait at one side and leave the other side.

03. Sanitising Stations

We have hand sanitising stations beside all entrances and exits of the building.

04. Exit Rules

All students leave via the front doors where they can be collected. Parents can come inside to collect a couple of minutes before class finishes, if they are wearing a mask.

05. Face Masks

Students in year 7 and above should wear a face covering in all communal spaces.

06. Student POD's

Classes have been capped to allow for social distancing. Students are also in PODs to minimise contact with other students.

07. Online Classes

Any classes that exceed our class cap students are split into A and B groups, meaning that when group A are in the studio group B will join from Zoom and they switch each week.

08. Online Teacher Interaction

All studios are equipped with 60” TV screens so that students can join in from home via zoom and be seen clearly by the teacher. The teacher will wear a radio mic and the music from the session will also be played straight into your screen at home to give students the best experience at home.

09. Stay At Home

If you feel more comfortable just taking part from home or go through a period of self-isolation you can join from home for as long as you like.

10. Gender Neutral Toilets

Toilets are now gender neutral and studio specific to help minimise the cross over of students from different classes, the toilet outside the white studio is staff only.

11. Improved Cleaning Rota

We have more than doubled our cleaning in the school and our cleaning team now come in between 6th form and part time school too. Teachers have cleaning kits and continuously wipe high contact surfaces throughout the day.

12. Staff-Only Kitchen

The kitchen is staff use only, however all taps in the building are drinking water so make sure you bring a bottle to fill up.

How we are running this year