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Class Types

Take a look at our range of Performing arts classes in Milton Keynes for young people and adults. Lessons for children and young performers aged 3 – 21 alongside an established provision of performance classes for adults.



Individual coaching sessions in Piano, Guitar or Voice will help you master your instrument through regular training with an expert coach.  You will work on technical elements alongside performance skills as you train to improve your level of ability.  Your coach will motivate you to practise perfect, focussed regular practise is the only way to ensure you are getting the most from the sessions and to help your improvements become permanent. Our one-to-one sessions are suitable for children, young people and adults and may involve taking recognised graded examinations or working to a performance focus.

Singing Classes

At Arts1 we have a team of vocal coaches and offer both 1-to-1 vocal coaching sessions and small group singing lessons for young people and adults. Our 1-to-1 singing lessons are the ideal way to improve your singing technique, build confidence in your singing voice, expand your repertoire or prepare for auditions.

Estill Voice Training

Understand how the voice works and maximize your vocal potential. The philosophy behind Estill Voice Training is that ‘knowledge is power’. Estill Voice Training enables you to make choices about how you use your voice, experiment with new colours and explore a much wider range of possibilities. During Level One we break down and explore voice production in separate understandable topics.

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