Arts1 School of Performance: Jon Kendall


Jon Kendall

Growing up in a very musical family, it was no surprise that Jon would begin his journey into music at a very young age. From writing his first song almost as soon as he picked up the guitar at age 13, to performing his first gig at age 15, Jon has literally spent his whole life in music.


When Jon was a child, his Dad would often entertain the family with renditions of Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel numbers, and this inspired Jon to create music of his own that could move people like those songs had moved him. Jon believes everyone has the ability to write songs, and it is his passion to help people discover that ability and the joy it brings.

Jon works as a freelance musician performing up and down the country as a singer-songwriter, and teaching workshops in various venues each week.

Jon Specialises In

Guitar Lessons