Luke Bayer, is currently alternate Jamie New in the West End Production of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. We chatted to him back when he was understudying the role, earlier this year.

Luke, what training did you do growing up and how has this helped you get where you are?

I did lots of amateur shows, concerts whilst I was training at Mountview and I spent three years at mountview on the musical degree course

I had odd singing lessons growing up but not official formals

What challenges come with being and Understudy & Swing, and how does that effect your daily routine not knowing if you’ll be on?

You never know as a cover or swing if you’ll be on which is exciting. You’ve just gotta make sure you’re always in good health, looking after yourself and know what you’re doing if you were to be thrown on for a track

What piece of advice would you give to someone currently training, aiming to be a performer?

I would say be yourself! You are always learning. Be kind/ Accept that some days you can only do that day. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You will see flaws in yourself that nobody else does. Ask people you admire question, you’ll be surprised by the answers. Be a team player. Live in the moment and take risks!!!