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Individual Coaching

Individual vocal coaching can be arranged with one of the team, we have a busy schedule of individual coaching and bookings can be made for either regular or one-off sessions with the team.

Singing Lessons

Individual singing coaching with one of our expert team – The sessions are an opportunity to: solve specific vocal difficulties, prepare for auditions and performances or train with us regularly and work on your technique and artistry. Sessions are adapted for the individual and can be arranged for performers in any style or genre of music.

Spoken Word Coaching

Training the voice to speak clearly with range and dynamic on demand is essential in many different settings. Business leaders, teachers, salespeople and performers need to communicate with clarity and confidence being sure the voice will reach your intended audience. We train all aspects of spoken word including dialect coaching and accent neutralisation where required.

Estill Voice Training

Train with a licensed Estill practitioner to develop your knowledge and craft in the Estill voice training system. These sessions can cover any topics from the Estill courses from introductory workshops through to level 1 and 2 and advanced courses.

Individual Estill training is suitable for clients training for either the CFP or CMT certification. Book an individual session to receive additional training and input from a licenced paractitioner.

All Estill students welcome.

Estill Voiceprint Training

Voiceprint™ is a real-time spectral analysis program that can record, analyse, and play back the voice. Highlights include real-time pitch tracking, dual screen option for matching voice models, and spectrogram or power spectrum analyses. Voiceprint™ provides spectacular and meaningful feedback about pitch and voice quality to the singer, teacher, clinician, and voice patient that is sure to enhance the learning and rehabilitation process.

We provide training in using this software to help clients train voices with the aid of this visual tool.

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