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  • Engineering
  • Bristol University
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Emily Anderson

I joined Arts1 when I was 15 and thank goodness I did because I couldn’t imagine my life without musical theatre and without Arts1! Over my time there I took part in so many exciting projects, from learning Hairspray songs from one of the West End cast members to performing in Milton Keynes theatre. Through brilliant teaching, constructive criticism and constant encouragement my ability and confidence grew from almost non-existent when I started to a level where I was able to play one of the leads in a major production.

Though I have taken a different career path by studying engineering at university the great memories and most of all the self-belief that Arts1 has given me will benefit me in whatever I do. I am currently rehearsing for Anything Goes the university musical at Bristol so I haven’t given up on my passion!
I love Arts1 and all the friends I made there and was honestly devastated that I had to leave to go to uni, I can’t wait to go back to visit!

Emily is currently in her 2nd year of an engineering degree at Bristol University.

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